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We craft our final product right here in the USA. Quality and nutrition are our highest priorities so we know it's worth it to find only the best suppliers. Our products have decades of science and technology built into them. To preserve the effectiveness of our ingredients, our manufacturing partner uses no water or heat in their proprietary process.



Healthy Gut

Houndz Healthy Gut includes prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics which when combined with our natural custom yeast and enzyme blends promote a healthy immune system and help to improve overall digestive health.  Made with real chicken and other healthy ingredients "Healthy Gut" is just what your dog needs for a healthy gut and improved immunity!



Heart Health

Heart Health is one of our biggest priorities and Houndz Heart Health is formulated for that reason. It's a great multi-vitamin for for all dogs but those breeds susceptible to or dealing with heart issues such as Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) will especially benefit. Our proprietary recipe not only tastes great but includes heart healthy ingredients such as Taurine, L-Carnitine, Organic Hawthorn Berry and Dandelion Root.



Hip & Joint

Houndz Hip and Joint is crafted specifically to aid with your dog's overall joint health. We have included key active ingredients like Glucosomine, MSM, Balanced Kollagen and Turmeric Extract as well as other healthy ingredients that are sure to taste great to your pup.   






We can't actually tell you how we make our supplements but we can say that they are made right here in the USA under the strictest manufacturing guidelines using only the highest quality ingredients with optimal efficacy.  Our manufacturing process uses a proprietary cold extrusion process (no heat or water) which preserves the integrity of our ingredients and eliminates the need for excessive fillers and preservatives. So, your dog will get the freshest chew possible regardless of environmental and storage challenges. 

Quality Made

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These Supplements"

"Our pit bull is the PICKIEST when it comes to treats, and yet he immediately loved these!  Best Part, It's god for him!  Will be buying More." 


- Hailey - Fort Collins, CO

"Our vet recommended that we start Fergus, on a probiotic since he had experienced a few tummy upsets due to indiscriminate noshing both at home and in the mud puddles at his favorite park. He is usually a finicky eater but thinks these morsels are treats for his good behavior."

- Lynn - Portland, OR

"New Years resolutions apply to dogs too"

"We wanted to find a healthier option for our pup's treats and were delighted to find Houndz Heart Health chews!  Healthy doesn't always mean tasty, so we were hopeful our Springer would like them...and she is a huge fan!"

- Angela - Silverton, OR