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About Us



Houndz Founders Tyrone and Mike have been friends for over 20 years and have always wanted to start a business together…..but the timing was never quite right or the idea didn’t quite make sense for both of them.  They always knew that one common interest was animals.  Both had grown up with dogs and cats (among other critters) and had always included dogs as an integral part of their lives.  


It was Mike’s best pal Gibson, a middle aged Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that got them thinking about how they could work together to contribute to the health of all types of dogs. You see, although Gibson was generally pretty healthy he always seemed to have little nagging health issues or longer term breed specific concerns.  Gibson was also getting older and Mike knew that he needed to start supplementing his diet with healthy & natural ingredients.  Developing a natural, tasty, sugar free “treat” was the original goal but after much research about animal nutrition and biology it quickly became clear that finding a solution that targeted specific health concerns was a much better option.  


Before turning their dream into reality Tyrone and Mike realized that it was important find partners that shared their passion and more importantly partners that had the expertise and experience developing healthy and effective supplements.  After about a year of research they happened along an old colleague who just happened to be an expert in the field and connected them with the best supplement manufacture in the country.  By now Tyrone and Mike knew enough about the industry and knew which products they would like to start with so it was a perfect fit.  


Gibson and his finicky little body were the inspiration for our first product “Heart Health.” Many breeds, including Cavalier King Charles’ are predisposed to heart issues like Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) and although no supplement is a cure, Hearth Health has the perfect mix of ingredients to support a strong cardio vascular system.  Fortunately Gibson has not suffered from DCM but he has had smaller issues like Mitral Valve Prolapse and a heart murmur so he gets his daily Hearth Health chew as a daily multi-vitamin. 


What to create next?  Well of course the gaps in the market influenced this greatly but once again we turned to our trusty test pooch who…you guessed it….has occasional digestive issues and had been prescribed with probiotics by his vet.  Thus “Healthy Gut” was born.  This is a sometimes treat for Gibson as his issues seem to come and go.  


Finally, we’ve always known that Gibson’s joints would eventually begin to break down so launching the best hip and joint product possible was always on the radar.  Turns out that Gibson indeed started to slow down, demonstrated slight limps right around the time of our launch so who better to test the product on? After about 2 month’s of daily hip and joint supplemental feeding Gibson’s gate was noticeably better.      


As a small company we know how important it is to engage with and understand our customers needs.  We also know that the animal health landscape is ever evolving.  Keeping up with trends and new ingredients enables us to continue to evolve and address the health needs of our customers.  Both Tyrone and Mike are deeply involved in all aspects of the business and make an effort to respond directly to customer questions or needs. So, feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or just to tell us your dog’s story.   And keep that pup healthy!

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