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At Houndz our goal is to provide the healthiest pet supplements possible. We do this by sourcing our ingredients from the most reputable, reliable and socially conscious suppliers from around the world and crafting each product with the best ingredients for the health indicator we are trying to address. "Houndz Heart Health" is specifically designed to support your dog's cardio health. The key ingredients - Taurine, L-Carnitine, Hawthorn Berry and Dandelion Root - are all balanced with essential vitamins to provide the added nutrition your dog may not be getting from his or her daily diet. As dog owners ourselves we know taste is important so real beef liver is our first ingredient. We have no doubt that your pooch will love them.



Taurine is concentrated in the heart muscle where it supports healthy heart function in addition to supporting eye health, immunity, and other bodily functions.


Chicory Root

Prebiotics play an important role in your dog's digestive system and chicory root is an excellent source of inulin, a type of prebiotic.

Prebiotics are fantastic for the promotion of beneficial bacteria in the gut and can have a number of positive effects on gut health such as improved immunity, better nutrient absorption and aiding in the digestion of food to name a few.



L-carnitine is an important amino acid for heart health supporting cardiac contraction function and muscle recovery. It also contributes to healthy weight and energy and has been linked to improved liver function and brain health.  


Hawthorne Berry

Hawthorn Berry helps to strengthen the heart by dialating the blood vessels. It helps to stabilize irregular heartbeats as well as normal functioning of the heart muscles. Rich in Antioxidants Hawthorn berry helps remove free radicals from the blood.


Optimin® Zinc

Zinc is found in dogs’ bones, muscles, livers, spleens and a variety of other anatomical locations and may promote the correct functioning of the metabolism, immune system, reproductive system and skin healing of a canine.


Dandelion Root

Dandelion Root is one of the best natural supplements for building a strong immune system. It helps to strengthen internal organs especially the lungs, liver and kidneys. This herb is rich in potassium and helps the heart to function properly.


Houndz Yeast Blend

Yeast is part of a healthy mix of bacteria in your dog's gut. Our custom blend helps your pup absorb vitamins and minerals from his/her food, and contributes to a healthy immune system.  The Houndz Gut Health Blend includes Yeast Extract, Hydrolyzed Yeast, Brewer's Dried Yeast and Yucca Schidgera.  


Ginger Root

Humans have long benefited from the use of ginger so it's no surprise that dogs to too. Ginger can act as an anti-inflammatory, soothing the digestive tract and reducing nausea. Other benefits of ginger include relief from bloating or flatulence, easing arthritis symptoms and can even help fight cancer.  


Optimin® Manganese

Dogs need manganese to produce energy, metabolize protein and carbohydrates, and to make fatty acids. Manganese is an important part of many enzymes and plays a role in the health and maintenance of bone and cartilage in joints.

source: PetMD

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