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Flavor Matters - Health Matters More

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

By Mike Burling - President; Critterz Co. LLC

Let’s face it….many of us like our dogs more than people so it just makes sense that we would want them to be happy and healthy. Like humans dogs can be picky so healthy and beneficial ingredients don’t always translate to tasty. In the supplement world we often use ingredients that dogs might not be thrilled about eating on their own. So, it can be challenging to find that balance of flavor and health.

Our Cavalier King Charles Gibson loves peanut butter but for some reason he won’t eat any supplement or treat with peanut butter (we found this out the hard way!). As a breed that will benefit from our Heart Health supplement it was important that we find a way to put the right ingredients into his little body. Fortunately he loves our chicken chews so he’s now a card carrying Houndz hound!

Some manufacturers take the easy way out and add sugar or other synthetic ingredients to sweeten the offer for picky dogs. This is more common among treat manufacturers but If you see sugar or anything that resembles sugar such as corn syrup, maple syrup, agave or other sweeteners, consider how it will affect your dog’s diet and daily calorie intake. Even raw honey, although high in antioxidants, still has over 60 calories per teaspoon and contributes to higher blood sugar levels. We prefer to use natural animal proteins as our primary ingredient which contributes to overall nutrition and hits those flavors that appeal to most dogs.

So when comparing a treat to a supplement expect to see a lot of brands with some sort of sweetener that will not contribute to your dog’s health. When choosing a supplement it’s best to error on the side of health. Once you’ve determined the indicator that you’re trying to address (heart, joint, anxiety etc) look for something that has real ingredients that will provide real health benefits but also those that will most likely suit your dog’s taste. If beef, chicken, turkey or some sort of meat based protein is high on the ingredient list then there’s a pretty good chance your dog will like it. If not, try again. Trial and error is how we learn so why shouldn’t it be the same for your dog?

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