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Does Your Dog Need a Hip & Joint Supplement?

By Mike Burling - President; Critterz Co. LLC

When my dog Gibson reached about 7 years old, he started to slow down. Our walks became shuffles, and our hills became streets of disdain. Although he still loves his walks, they are no longer what they once were. Our vet had warned us when he was a puppy that we should pay attention to his hips and now the time had come to do something. Being the owner of a pet supplement company, I just happened to have a solution! Our new product “Hip & Joint” was in development and I was able to use my own dog as our first test subject…. what luck!

He likes it…. He really likes it!

Let me first say that he loves them! Yes, I am a little biased but he’s not one to eat something just to make me happy. Part of formulating a natural, sugar free dog supplement is finding creative ways to appeal to a dog’s palate. Our recipe includes real trout, fish oils, real fruits and real vegetables along with other natural ingredients and so far, every dog we’ve tested them on loves them. Gibson can be a picky eater, so I was excited that we had passed his test.

It works…. It really works!

We spent a lot of time researching this space and working with our food scientists and nutritionists to craft just the right mix to ensure optimal efficacy. They key is in the active ingredients. Here’s a brief overview of some of our key ingredients.

Glucosamine HCl (Shellfish sourced): Glucosamine is a natural sugar that exists in the fluid around the joints. It’s also found in some shellfish which is where we source ours. It aids in common joint and cartilage ailments and is included in most hip & joint supplements on the market.

Chondroitin Sulfate (Porcine Sourced): Chondroitin is another naturally occurring substance in the body and works especially well when combined with glucosamine. Chondroitin supports fluid retention in cartilage which helps improve flexibility and mobility.

PurforMSM®: PurforMSM® (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a USA manufactured feed ingredient that helps promote comfort and range of motion in active or aging animals. MSM is a naturally occurring sulfur compound that supports connective tissues and can have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Since MSM levels tend to decline with age, including it with a hip & joint supplement can help maintain an active lifestyle in aging dogs.*

Green Lipped Mussels: They’re from New Zealand and are exactly what they sound like. Green Lipped Mussels contain omega-3 fatty acids & have anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce joint tenderness and stiffness

Balanced Kollagen (Collagen): This protein occurs naturally in the body and helps maintain connective tissues needed for flexibility. Unfortunately, collagen production slows as your dog ages so adding this to a supplement is very important. Collagen comes from many sources; Our source, Balanced Kollagen™ comes from eggshell membrane. Most hip & joint supplements include some form of collagen.

Turmeric Extract: You may be familiar with this common spice. Originating from the Curcuma longa root turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce pain in joints. We use an extract which has a much higher concentration of curcuminoids, which are the natural active compounds derived from the turmeric root.

Black Pepper Extract: It’s not only good on your eggs but black pepper is an excellent source of antioxidants, helps battle inflammation and may even have cancer fighting properties.

Are Hip & Joint supplements right for your dog?

If you suspect that your dog has hip and/or joint issue it’s always best to start with a visit to your vet to see if there are serious issues or threats of future issues. Some serious diseases like hip dysplasia cannot be cured and many dogs require surgery. Supplements should not be treated as medicine and are not a replacement for surgery, but they can provide support to dogs suffering from joint pain.

There are a lot of options on the market so my recommendation (even if you don’t choose us) is to do your research and even try a few different brands if one is not to your dog’s liking.

A good Hip & Joint supplement should have:

- A solid list of joint healthy active ingredients that have been known to have joint specific healing properties.

- A good mix of ingredients that are likely to be tasty to your dog. There are a lot of options including powders, liquids and pills but a good soft chew will be something that you can work into his or her treat rotation without adding too many calories.

- No added sugars and very low sugar/carb content (see your supplemental panel). Adding empty calories to a dog’s diet can have the same adverse effects as with humans. So avoid sugar, syrups, molasses or any sugar substitute if possible.

- A reputable and reliable company behind it that backs its product up. At Houndz we offer 100% satisfaction or your money back.

Do you have a story about your dog’s hip and joint journey? Send us a note at and let us know how supplements have made a difference.

* Information provided by Trouw nutrition and PetMD

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