Houndz Healthy Gut includes the best active ingredients available to address your dog’s digestive and immunity needs. Our custom yeast and enzyme blends, balanced with other natural ingredients for added protein, vitamins and flavor are just what your dog needs for a healthy gut and improved immunity. All of our products are made in the USA with a proprietary cold extrusion process (no heat or water) which preserves the integrity of our ingredients and eliminates the need for excessive fillers and preservatives. So, your dog will get the freshest chew possible regardless of environmental and storage challenges. 


Made with Real Chicken


Prebiotics are beneficial dietary fibers in food known to promote growth of beneficial microorganisms, bacteria and fungi living in the intestine. In simple terms prebiotics feed the friendly bacteria in your dog’s gut. 


Probiotics are live microorganisms (bacteria) and yeasts which have been known to boost immunity. They have numerous potential benefits including diarrhea prevention and aid with skin conditions. Probiotics are sensitive to heat, so our cold extrusion manufacturing process is ideal for these soft chew supplements. 


New research demonstrates that postbiotics can enhance animal health by introducing bioactive metabolites directly into the gut unlike ever before. By introducing postbiotics directly into the gut, a proper yeast blend can support a healthy canine immune system, especially during bacterial challenges.

Houndz Healthy Gut

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